PhD Student at University of Tabriz (Information Technology)
Msc Degree at University of Tabriz (Software Engineering)
BSc Degree at University of Shahid Madani (Information Technology)

Technical Skills:

• Cloud Computing: Services, Quality of Service, Ranking, Data centers and Their Topoloies
• Information Technology Management: Strategies, Concepts, solution, Consultation
• Networks and Virtualization: Launch virtual operating system and Computer networks


• Socket and network programming
• Three-tier software programming
• Networking concepts and MCITP
• Cloud Computing
• Operating system virtualization concepts
• Teaching Network
• Translated and edited scientific papers and …


• Paper presentation, 19'th conference of computer society of Iran, University of Shahid Beheshti, Tehran
• Participation in Cloud Computing Workshop, 19'th conference of computer Society of Iran, University of Shahid Beheshti, Tehran
• Participation in Entrepreneurship Workshop, University of Tabriz
• Participation inpaper writing course, University of Tabriz
Presentation Workshop “Information Visualization and Optimal transmission of information to the viewer with Tableau software and D3 library”, 2nd National Confrence on Distributed Computing and Big Data Processing, University of Shahid Madani University, 15 November 2016.

Member of:

• Member of the Scientific Committee International Conference on Computer Engineering & IT (2016)
• Member of Talent group, University of Shahid Madani (2008-2012)
• Member of computer Society of Iran (2013 up to now)
• Member of Talent group, University of Tabriz (2012 up to now)
• Member of Cloud Computing Labratory at University of Tabriz (2012 up to now))
• Member of Referees Committee, 9nd International Conference on new research findings of science, engineering and technology, August 2016, Turkey, Istanbul.

Theses Title:

• MSc: Cloud service ranking based on quality of services with multi objective optimization
• BSc: Design automation systems with socket and network programming


Teaching Assistant, Computer networking (2013-2014)
Computer basic (2015 up to now)
Principles of Information Technology (2016 up to now)


Visualization Analysis & Design, Tamara manzner, Translated by Leyli Mohammad Khanli and Arezoo Jahani, December 2016.
2. Practical Tips for Teaching Multigrade Classes, Gwang-Jo Kim, Translated by Arezoo Jahani, March 2017.


Indexing Papers:

1. Arezoo Jahani, Farnaz Derakhshan, Leyli Mohammadkhanli, ARank: A Multi-agent Based Approach for Ranking of Cloud Computing ServicesScalable Computing: Practice and Experience (ISSN: 1895-1767), Vol. 18, No. 2, pp.105-116, June 2017.
2. Arezoo Jahani, Leyli Mohammadkhanli, Cloud service ranking as a multi objective optimization problem, Journal of supercomputing (ISSN: 0920-8542), Vol. 72, pp.1897-1926, March 2016.
3. Arezoo Jahani, Leyli Mohammadkhanli, Ranking Approaches for Cloud Computing Services Based on Quality of Service: A Review, ARPN Journal of Systems and Software (ISSN: 2222-9833), Vol. 4, No. 2, pp.50-58, March 2014.
4. Arezoo Jahani, Leyli Mohammadkhanli, Seyed Naser Razavi, W_SR: A QoS Based Ranking Approach for Cloud Computing Service, ComEngApp(Computer Engineering and Application Journal) (ISSN: 2252-5459), Vol.3, No.2, pp. 52-60, June 2014.

Conference Papers
5. Arezoo Jahani, Leyli Mohammadkhanli, Sima Jahani MOOW: a new approach for cloud service ranking based on quality of service 19’th Conference of Computer Society of Iran, March 2014.
6. Arezoo Jahani, Leyli Mohammadkhanli Investigation relationship between local variables in local beam search International conference on information technology, June 2014.
7. Sima Jahani, Shahriar Lotfi, Arezoo Jahani Using evolutionary approach to tiling and parallel code generation for two dimensional loop International Conference on New Research Achievements in Electrical & Computer Engineering, 13 May 2016, University of Amir Kabir, Tehran, Iran.
8. ُSima Jahani, Arezoo Jahani Modeling concurrent execution of transactions on the database log file using colored petri net, 3rd. International Confrence on Science and Engineering, Istanbul, Turkey, 2 June 2016.
9. Arezoo Jahani, Farnaz Derakhshan Dynamic multipath routing in data centers by multi-agent systems, 2nd National Conference on Distributed Computing and Big Data Processing, University of Shahid Madani University, 15 November 2016.


Visualization of breast cancer screening uptake in Kurdish women of Iran
2. Visualization of System of national account (SNA-1993)   .xlsx       .pdf       .ppt

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